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burglar breaks into a residential buildingHomeowners and commercial property owners alike invest heavily in their properties and the assets inside. Along with the risks of natural disasters and accidents, theft poses a real threat.

Theft damage is a frustrating experience that can leave you scrambling for answers and solutions. Fortunately, your property insurance policy may offer protection.

If you are a property owner in Florida who has experienced theft damage, Premier Property Law’s Dade County property loss attorney can guide you through the claims process.

Understanding Theft Damage

When we think of theft, lost valuables are the immediate consequence. However, theft often results in significant property damage beyond the stolen items. Here is how:

Does Your Insurance Cover Theft Damage?

Most standard property insurance policies include coverage for theft and vandalism. Specific coverage may include:

Theft Insurance Claims Process

Filing a theft insurance claim in Florida generally follows these steps:

  1. Report the Crime: File a police report immediately detailing the theft.
  2. Document the Damage: Photograph and document damage to your property and create a detailed inventory of stolen items.
  3. Contact Your Insurer: Promptly notify your insurance company and initiate a claim.
  4. Cooperate With the Investigation: Your insurance company will assign an adjuster to investigate the claim and assess the damages.
  5. Negotiation and Settlement: If your claim is approved, a settlement amount will be offered. Review this carefully before accepting.

When to Call a Dade County Property Loss Attorney

While the insurance claims process may seem straightforward, insurance companies do not always make it easy to obtain what you deserve. If you face any of these challenges, our Dade County, Florida attorneys for property damage at Premier Property Law can help.

Contact Premier Property Law today if you need assistance with your theft damage claim. Let our team help you get the settlement you deserve for your losses.

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