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Types of Property Damage We Handle

Property damage in Florida is a pressing concern due to its geographical location, making it prone to various natural disasters. Florida is among the states with the highest number of declared natural disasters. This predicament often leaves residents and commercial property owners grappling with the complexities of property damage claims and insurance settlements.

The intricacies of property damage claims can be overwhelming. Hence, it is beneficial to consult a property damage insurance claim lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to understand the various types of property damage and how to handle them becomes a less daunting task.

Here are just a few of the types of property damages Premier Property Law can assist you with:

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Cases just like yours

$298,000.00 Appraisal Award for Elderly Mother and Disabled Veteran
$150,000 settlement on a DENIED roof claim
Original offer was $20k. We got them an additional $100,000
$107,000.00 | Six-figure settlement on a previously denied claim
Settled for $65,000 | the carrier originally said this claim was under the $2500 deductible
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