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Do I Have a Claim if My Property Damage Was Done Maliciously?

thieves broke the glass in the automobile

Property damage in Palm Beach, Florida, whether accidental or intentional, is a source of extreme stress and financial loss. While standard insurance policies can provide coverage for unexpected accidents, malicious destruction throws in additional complications.

If you are a Florida property owner grappling with vandalism or other malicious property damage, you might be struggling to understand your options. As one of the recognized Palm Beach attorneys for property damage, Premier Property Law is here to illuminate the situation and help you navigate insurance claims and legal actions.

Understanding Malicious Property Damage

Understanding malicious property damage is crucial. In Florida, criminal mischief that results in property damage could include:

  • Vandalism: Defacing, destroying, or damaging property intentionally. This includes acts like graffiti, breaking windows, or slashing tires.
  • Arson: Willfully setting fire to property.
  • Other Intentional Acts: Flooding a home, damaging landscaping or structures with malice.

Review your insurance coverage to understand potential gaps when it comes to malicious property damage. Implement security measures for your home or business, including cameras, lighting, and alarm systems. Being proactive in safeguarding property can mitigate risks and ensure better protection against malicious acts.

Does Insurance Cover Malicious Damage in Florida?

Generally, standard homeowners and commercial property insurance policies cover some forms of intentional destruction, often labeled “vandalism and malicious mischief”. However, coverage amounts and limitations can vary between policies. It is crucial to examine your insurance agreements closely for these crucial details:

  • Deductibles: You might be responsible for an initial deductible before your insurance coverage kicks in.
  • Coverage Limits: Your policy may have maximum payout amounts for incidents of vandalism or malicious destruction.
  • Vacancy Provisions: Many policies reduce or void coverage if a property has been vacant for a set period (often 30-60 days).

The specific coverage options for malicious property damage might depend on factors like your property’s location, type of property (home or business), and the value of your assets. Do not rely on general understanding – contact your insurance company directly to verify coverage details and make necessary adjustments to best protect yourself.

What if My Property Damage Claim Is Underpaid?

Unfortunately, the payout by your insurance company might not fully address the total damages incurred. Worse yet, your  insurer could argue that the damage falls outside your policy’s limitations. If you find yourself in a coverage dispute, or with limited payouts, there are still ways to fight for maximum compensation – that a Palm Beach, Florida property damage lawyer can help you – both for your damaged property and any lost business income.

How a Palm Beach, Florida Property Damage Lawyer Can Help

A seasoned Palm Beach, Florida property damage lawyer at Premier Property Law can be an invaluable asset in navigating malicious property damage claims.

  • Investigating the Incident: Attorneys for property damage have the resources to review evidence, police reports, and witness statements, building a stronger case that identifies the responsible party (if unknown) and proving malicious intent.
  • Handling Insurance Disputes: An attorney well-versed in insurance law deciphers policy terms, argues for appropriate coverage of your damages, and fights back against attempts to deny or minimize your claim.
  • Pursuing the Perpetrator: When the malicious destruction constitutes a crime, your lawyer can assist in the criminal case and may initiate a civil lawsuit for financial compensation alongside any criminal penalties imposed.
  • Calculating Total Losses: Aside from property damage, a property damage lawyer can factor in income loss (in commercial cases) and other potential sources of compensation.

Malicious property damage throws unexpected obstacles in your path. Let a qualified property damage lawyer be your partner in seeking justice, helping you negotiate with insurance companies, calculate your full losses, and pursue legal action when necessary.

Do You Have a Malicious Property Damage Claim?

Navigating property damage and a subsequent insurance claim is challenging enough. When the incident involves intentional harm, the complications only increase. Let Premier Property Law’s Palm Beach attorneys for property damage provide guidance and advocate for your best interests. Contact us today for a free case evaluation – fight for fair compensation and restore your property and peace of mind.


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