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Common Types of Property Damage

hurricane Ian destroyed house

Property damage in Florida is a pressing concern due to its geographical location, making it prone to various natural disasters. Florida is among the states with the highest number of declared natural disasters. This predicament often leaves residents and commercial property owners grappling with the complexities of property damage claims and insurance settlements.

The intricacies of property damage claims can be overwhelming. Hence, it is beneficial to consult a property damage insurance claim lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to understand the various types of property damage and how to handle them becomes a less daunting task.

Storm Damage

High winds, lightning, and torrential rain during Florida’s storm season can cause severe structural issues like shattered windows and cracked foundations. Immediate repairs are usually required to prevent additional problems, such as water damage and mold growth.

Hurricane Damage

Florida’s susceptibility to hurricanes results in frequent, substantial property damage. In addition to destroying structures, hurricanes can lead to electrical and plumbing issues, thereby making property damage insurance claims a complex affair requiring guidance from a Fort Lauderdale property damage insurance claim lawyer.

Water Damage

Water damage in Florida is not limited to natural causes like storm surges. It can also occur due to internal plumbing issues, affecting electrical systems, furniture, and even the building’s structural integrity. Prolonged exposure to water can subsequently lead to mold damage.

Fire Damage

Fire can be devastating, affecting both residential and commercial properties. Besides immediate destruction, the lingering effects of smoke and water used in firefighting efforts can cause long-term structural damage and safety hazards.

Roof Damage

Your property’s roof is crucial in protecting the interior from the elements. However, roofs in Florida are often damaged by storms, high winds, or falling debris. Even minor roof damage can result in significant water leaks, affecting the interior of your property.

We have successfully secured a $150,000 settlement on their denied roof claim for a previous client. If you’ve faced roof damage and your insurance claim was denied, we are here to help.

Flood Damage

While similar to water damage, flood damage specifically occurs due to natural disasters such as hurricanes or intense rainstorms. The standing water can lead to structural damage, destroy personal belongings, and also result in mold growth if not promptly addressed.

Mold Damage

Mold often follows water damage and poses a dual threat: it jeopardizes both the property’s structure and the health of its inhabitants. Removing mold usually requires professional services, and its presence can considerably reduce a property’s resale value.

Plumbing Leaks Damage

Deteriorating plumbing systems in older structures can lead to leaks that are often only discovered after significant damage has occurred. It may require expensive repairs and even lead to filing property damage claims.

Theft Damage

Beyond the immediate loss of property, theft can also result in damage to doors, windows, and security systems, adding financial burden on the property owner.

Wind Damage

Florida’s geographical location makes it vulnerable to high winds that can rip off shingles, break windows, and even uproot trees, leading to considerable damage and necessitating immediate repairs.

Knowledge is the first step to safeguarding your valuable asset. Being aware of the common types of property damage can prepare you for the challenges that come with owning property in Florida.

Filing Property Damage Claims in Florida

Filing a property damage claim is an essential step in recovering from the financial repercussions of property damage. This legal process involves formally requesting compensation from your insurance company for damages incurred due to natural disasters, theft, or other accidents. The complexity of filing a claim often involves the documentation of damages, which includes taking photographs, saving repair receipts, and acquiring estimates from contractors.

Given Florida’s vulnerability to various types of property damage, having a detailed inventory of your property and keeping it up-to-date can facilitate the claims process.  While insurance companies have adjusters to assess the damage, it is often advisable to consult a property damage insurance claim lawyer in Fort Lauderdale or your respective area. A lawyer can guide you through the intricacies of the claims process, ensuring you obtain a fair settlement.

Premier Property Law provides legal aid to navigate the complicated terrain of property damage claims.  With a proven track record of helping clients, our guidance can be particularly valuable when dealing with complex cases which often involve multiple layers of damage and, consequently, more complicated claims.

In one of our past cases, the carrier initially claimed that their payout was limited to the $20,000 deductible, but we successfully negotiated a remarkable $120,000 settlement for our client. Furthermore, in another case involving previously denied claims, we were instrumental in turning the tide, securing a substantial settlement of $107,000 for our client.

Our guidance can be particularly valuable when dealing with complex cases which often involve multiple layers of damage and, consequently, more complicated claims. Contact us today for a consultation. Your property is an invaluable asset; let us help you protect it. We have helped thousands of property owners with a variety of property damages.


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